sreda, 30. april 2014

My HummingBird Confession

Sup' =3
So firstly here's a picture of myself as promised....
I went to get a haircut just for this (No I didn't, lol) =D
Ok, so this has been on my mind for a long time but.... here's the truth.... At the time when I signed up to HummingBird, me and my best friend were searching for an anime, of which we only knew how the two main characters looked like, some of the plot and the 1st letter of the name.
The story:
Well my friend was up on google one day and she stumbled upon this really cool looking picture of an anime and she wanted to check it out. She google-ed the title and found the 1st episode. After finishing that episode she saw that the 2nd episode wasn't posted on the same site, so she returned back to the ''google search'' when suddenly she clicked (I don't know how) the turn off button. As her computer started turning off the only thing she could see was the 1st letter of the anime which was K(she's very forgetful and at the time she didn't know about the ''history'' option xD, I described to her where it is but she didn't find it....).
After that happened she called me and told me the story, described me the characters and told me that the title of the anime was long.
A few hours before this happened I watched a video of a anime reviwer on youtube called GRArkada, where he introduced us to this anime site called HummingBird. So when I heard the whole story the first thing I did was sign up to this site and write a forum post with all of the information that we had.
To post this took very much courage because I'm very shy and I rarely ask for help, but I would do pretty much everything for my best friend.
After the first few replies I was so happy to find out that people there were sooo kind and friendly.
Unfortnately, even with all the help of everyone we weren't able to find the right anime, but from that experience I got to meet soo many new and wonderfull people.

The reason for this post is, that I want to thank every single person from that day that helped and I want to thank my friend for being so forgetful and ''forcing'' me to sing up to HB, where I would never have went if it wasn't for her. ^_^
Also I wanted to say that after almost one year later we found the anime, she already finished it, I still have to. If anyone wants to know the title it's called Hatenkou Yuugi, and yes you did read it right, and yes I did write it the right way, and no the first letter isn't a K as it was suppose to be xD Do you see what I meant with the forgetful part? ^-^''

I also wanted to thank MakiMaki, Aerostine, YutiLaFan, JaffaKakes, WatashiWaKanra, Cairus, FlashRumena, Vilentina, DecentDutch, RexAnime, AlrightX and everyone else for all the wonderfull and funny conversations we had and hopefully will have (some of us) for a long time. (o3o)

K, thanks for reading, I know that this was a really idiotic and boring post but whatever xD Something more legit will be coming next, I promise =P
*Salute ; Nyan*

petek, 11. april 2014

Salute ; Nyan!!!

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to my blog :) It's my first time writing something like this... so... bare with me xD

I'm Piki-chan, I come from a little hen-shaped country in Europe (I'm not kidding.... It's shaped like a hen ._.) called Slovenia, and yes before you ask we do have electricity and cars and stuff like that xD  K, so I'm 14 years old and currently I'm in the 9th grade of primary school.
I love anime , all kawaii things Japan related (AKB48 4EVER!!!!!) and of course the band All Time Low.
Also I love playing pc games, they rule and, I have a youtube channel where I post Nightcore (mah channel is called Piki-chan^2) and where I will sometime in the near future also post gaming commentary 
I have two pet cats, they're fluffy and really cute =3
(The fluffy one is called Mija (Mia) and the other one is Kitty)

Next year I will hopefully be going to an Art High School, yaay :3

Currently I'm obsessed with Youtube, I watch it everyday.... Please help me ;_;
I've also started reading fanfiction the other day and I have to say that it's well.... AWESOME!!!! :D
Pewdiecry and SeaChaos for life <3

I'll post a picture of myself in the next post, k?
Thanks for reading bye bye (*w*)
*salute ; nyan*