petek, 11. april 2014

Salute ; Nyan!!!

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to my blog :) It's my first time writing something like this... so... bare with me xD

I'm Piki-chan, I come from a little hen-shaped country in Europe (I'm not kidding.... It's shaped like a hen ._.) called Slovenia, and yes before you ask we do have electricity and cars and stuff like that xD  K, so I'm 14 years old and currently I'm in the 9th grade of primary school.
I love anime , all kawaii things Japan related (AKB48 4EVER!!!!!) and of course the band All Time Low.
Also I love playing pc games, they rule and, I have a youtube channel where I post Nightcore (mah channel is called Piki-chan^2) and where I will sometime in the near future also post gaming commentary 
I have two pet cats, they're fluffy and really cute =3
(The fluffy one is called Mija (Mia) and the other one is Kitty)

Next year I will hopefully be going to an Art High School, yaay :3

Currently I'm obsessed with Youtube, I watch it everyday.... Please help me ;_;
I've also started reading fanfiction the other day and I have to say that it's well.... AWESOME!!!! :D
Pewdiecry and SeaChaos for life <3

I'll post a picture of myself in the next post, k?
Thanks for reading bye bye (*w*)
*salute ; nyan*

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